Drilling Innovations

By Drilling Innovations

The CORTEX® central application platform is used to optimize, monitor, and automate rig equipment functions for APEX® Rigs. Together with our PTEN+™ Performance Center in
Houston, Texas, the CORTEX® platform enhances our ability to improve drilling
performance for our customers.

CORTEX<span>®</span> Key

CORTEX® Key is the gateway for real-time rig automation. It allows us to tap directly in to our proprietary CORTEX® platform and connect all systems at the rig site, including rig control, EDR data, directional providers, and other 3rd party service companies. This server-grade machine can also securely deploy advanced algorithms as well as stream large data sets with a single source of data aggregation in real-time.

Enhanced Oscillator

The CORTEX® Enhanced Oscillator automates the rotational and rocking action from the top drive to break static friction allowing better transfer of weight to the bit and thus increasing sliding ROP. This system leads to improved overall sliding behavior with conventional drilling assemblies.

Process Automation

PTEN has automated the multi-step process of weight to slips and slips to weight, ensuring the proper connection practices are being followed to create consistency in operational parameters and lead to the preservation of downhole assemblies.

Automated Downlink

Our proprietary Automated Downlink tool considerably reduces time spent transmitting data to downhole tools by automating the RPM and/or flow rate sequencing for rotary steerable tools. This system is integrated into the rig controls, sending commands via the top drive or pump control, and commands vs. actual are visible through an HMI for transparency.

Managed Pressure Drilling

Our in-house developed single choke Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) System can be integrated into the rig and allows for precise ECD management through Position and Pressure Setpoint Control Modes. CORTEX® MPD is designed with ease-of-use in mind for the driller and can be used to compensate for downhole pressure loss during connections, wellbore instability, surge/swab during tripping, water influx zones, tight windows, and depleted formations.

Adaptive Auto Driller

Our proprietary CORTEX® Adaptive Auto Driller provides our customers with consistent performance by reducing drilling dysfunction. This system removes the variability from the Driller’s behavior and uncontrollable factors to unify the drilling efficiency process across all rigs and environmental settings.

Drilling Innovations

  • CORTEX® Key
  • Enhanced Oscillator
  • Process Automation
  • Automated Downlink
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Adaptive Auto Driller