Official 2015 Maine Madness Beer Tournament Bracket

Official 2015 Maine Madness Beer Tournament BracketWe present to you the official 2015 Maine Madness Beer Tournament Bracket. Click on the document to get a better look at the match-ups. It’s clear that the early rounds are going to be tight with some amazing brews in head to head battles early on.

Remember, the purpose of this tournament is to celebrate Maine beer. We’re Jali Beer 2 Hidden Covelucky to live in such a fecund beer mecca. Go out and find the beers on this list you’ve never tried and toss ’em back. Support old favorites and seek out new beer companions.

Voting begins a week from today on March 26th through Like Maine Madness Beer Tournament on Facebook to get the updated voting links. Until then, print out the bracket, digest the match-ups, make your picks, and drink Maine beer!



The Official List of Beers for the Maine Madness Beer Tournament

Rising Tide Maine Island Trail AleWe are so happy to announce the participants in the 2015 Maine Madness Beer Tournament. What we’d like to ask of you is that you peruse this list and see if there are any Maine beers you dearly love that are not on this list. We are going to finalize the list in the next day and this weekend we will have “Selection Sunday” when we randomly choose our head-to-head match-ups for the first round. Last year we divided the bracket into categories, but we felt that it would be most democratic to randomly pick the match-ups.

This tournament is a celebration of the glorious Maine beer landscape. If you see a beer on this list you’re unfamiliar with, track it down and toss it down your grocery hole! Our motto at the Maine Madness Beer Tournament is: To Drink ME is to Love ME.

The 2015 List (in Alphabetical Order)

Ace Hole Pale Ale // Marshall Wharf Brewing

Allagash Black // Allagash Brewing

Allagash White // Allagash Brewing

Bissell Brothers Brewing CompanyAngels With Filthy Souls // Bissell Brothers

Baby Genius // Bissell Brothers

Blackfly Stout // Gritty’s Brewing

Blueberry Ale // Sea Dog Brewing

Bonfire Rye // Sebago Brewing

Brett Loves Hops // Austin Street Brewing

Burnside // Foundation Brewing

Cant Dog // Marshall Wharf Brewing

Calcutta Cutter // Rising Tide Brewing

Coal Porter // Atlantic Brewing

Coolship Resurgam // Allagash Brewing

Crystal Persuasion // SoMe Brewing

BunkerCurieux // Allagash Brewing (2014 Runner Up)

Daymark // Rising Tide Brewing

Dinner // Maine Beer Company

Eddy // Foundation Brewing

Epiphany // Foundation Brewing

Export Ale // Shipyard Brewing

Farmhouse Pale Ale // Oxbow Brewing

Fresh Cut // Peak Organic Brewing

IMG_20130816_121823Frye’s Leap // Sebago Brewing Company

Grizacca // Oxbow Brewing

G-String // Funky Bow Brewing

Halloween Ale // Gritty’s Brewing

Hop Swap // Sebago Brewing Company

HSA // Geary’s Brewing

King Titus // Maine Beer Company

Lobster Ale // Belfast Brewing

London Porter // Geary’s Brewing

Lunch // Maine Beer Company

Machine Gun Czech // Bunker Brewing

Maine Island Trail Ale // Rising Tide Brewing (2014 Tournament Winner!)

McGovern’s Oatmeal Stout // Belfast Brewing

Mean Old Tom // Maine Beer Company

MBC Leaning LunchMo Pale Ale // Maine Beer Company

Norweald Stout // Banded Horn Brewing

Pale Ale // Geary’s Brewing

Pale Ale // Peak Organic Brewing

Pale Ale // Tributary Brewing

Pamola Xtra Pale Ale // Baxter Brewing Company

Paper Planes // Barreled Souls Brewing

Patina Pale // Austin Street Brewing

Peeper Ale // Maine Beer Company

Pemaquid Oyster Stout // Marshall Wharf Brewing

Pepperell Pilsener // Banded Horn Brewing

Phantom Punch Stout // Baxter Brewing Company

Pumpkinhead // Shipyard Brewing

Real Ale // Atlantic Brewing

Salad Daze IPL // Bunker Brewing

Sea Belt Scotch Ale // Marshall Wharf Brewing

Simmer Down // Sebago Brewing Company

So Folkin’ Hoppy // Funky Bow Brewing

Stowaway IPA // Baxter Brewing Company

Summer Ale // Geary’s Brewing

Summer Ale // Shipyard Brewing

rising-tide-ursa-minorSubstance // Bissell Brothers

Swish // Bissell Brothers

Ursa Minor // Rising Tide Brewing

Veridian IPA // Banded Horn Brewing

Wanderlust // Foundation Brewing

Whoopie Pie Stout // SoMe Brewing